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ALA Store has recently changed warehouses. What does this mean for me?

Please update the contact information that you have on file for the ALA Store. Also, please note the new shipping address, payment address, fax number, and e-mail address below.

Send returns to:
American Library Association 
ATTN: Receiving Department
3280 Summit Ridge Parkway
Duluth, GA 30096-1616

Send new orders and payments to:
American Library Association
PO Box 936239
Atlanta, GA 31193-6239

(Make checks payable to the American Library Association)

Shop through any of the methods below:

Online store:

Mail:                    American Library Association
                             PO Box 936239
                             Atlanta, GA 31193-6239 

Fax:                     312-280-5860


Phone:                 1-866-SHOP-ALA (1-866-746-7252)

Call us at 1-866-746-7252 or email us at

Any items shipped to the outdated address will result in processing delays.


What happens if I accidentally ship my PO or send my return to the old address?

It will be forwarded to the correct address. Please note that any items shipped to the outdated address will result in processing delays.


Why can’t I find a product on your website even though I’ve done a keyword search?

With the ALA Store's Quick Search function, located on every page of the site, you can search by product name, item number, ISBN, or any other word which might describe a product. By default, The Quick Search function searches for all of the words you provide, so for fewer, more targeted results add more words to your search, and for a wider range of results, remove words. Sometimes, you may get better-targeted results by making search terms singular rather than plural, or vice versa—for example, try “Caldecott bookmarks” rather than "Caldecott bookmark.” Advanced search, which you can access from any Quick Search results page, allows you the option to search for exact phrases, or to narrow your results to particular categories, catalogs, publishers, and other criteria.


What if I’ve forgotten the information I need to supply in order to get my ALA member discount?

The member discounts page has instructions about accessing this information.


Where can I find out about shipping, taxes, tax-exempt orders, payment options, how to contact customer service, or how to place an international order?

This page explains the policies concerning shipping, taxes, and international orders.


How are the Shipping & Handling charges calculated?

Shipping charges are set to cover fulfillment costs, which include both shipping the product via UPS and handling the items at the warehouse. ALA Publishing sets product prices to offer the best value we can to customers and members, and must therefore cover the actual costs of handling and shipping. All ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness and accreditation programs for library professionals worldwide.


When will I be charged for backordered items, and will I have to pay for shipping twice?

You are charged for items when they are shipped, so you will not be charged for a product until it leaves the warehouse. If you order is split into multiple shipments due to backorders, you pay the same total shipping charge you would have been assessed if your order had been made up entirely of regular in-stock items. Any additional shipments of backordered products will not include a shipping charge.


What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

If your purchase does not meet your expectations, we will replace your merchandise, credit your account, or issue a full refund. Just follow our simple return procedures on your packing slip or, if you are unable to locate your packing slip, please call a Customer Service Representative at 1-866-SHOP ALA (1-866-746-7252). Please ship returns to: American Library Association, ATTN: RETURNS DEPT, 3280 Summit Ridge Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096.


How do I place an order if I don’t live in the U.S.?

This page explains how to purchase from outside the USA.


I would like to remove my name from your mailing lists.

All ALA Store emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Once you have unsubscribed, you should receive no further ALA Store messages at that email address. . You are able to unsubscribe from ALA Editions mailings, manage the type of messages that you receive, or unsubscribe from all ALA communications. Please note that unsubscribing from all ALA communications will remove you from any e-mail communications from ALA, including items related to your ALA membership. Once you have unsubscribed from ALA Editions communications, you should not receive any further messages from ALA Editions at that email address.

To opt out of receiving the ALA Editions catalogs, please click here and fill out the form with the information as it appears on your address label.

ALA members, in addition to the instructions above, you may wish to update your communication preferences for ALA-wide mailings. You can do this here. You will need to be logged into your ALA account on to manage your communication preferences. If you do not have an account online, you can create one here.


I am receiving multiple copies of the ALA Graphics or Editions catalogs. How do I receive only one?

Please send your address information as it appears on your catalog's address label to or; mail to ALA Graphics/ALA Editions, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611; fax to 312-280-5275 attention Catalog Marketing; or phone 800-545-2433, ext. 2426.


Can I order products in bulk?

Yes. Please call 866-746-7252 or email for pricing and purchasing quantities over 50.


Do you accept product submissions from outside sources?

No, ALA Graphics does not accept submissions from outside sources for product development consideration and does not wish to receive or hold any ideas "in confidence." ALA Graphics has many products in development at any given time and may be already developing a product similar or identical to ideas contained in such submissions, and therefore cannot be obligated to any individual regarding the unsolicited submission of their ideas.


Can I get permission to use and/or reprint your product images or illustrations?

Please send your request to and include what image you would like to use and the purpose of the request. If permission is granted, your use of the image must include the copyright information and a link back to our online store.

We do offer a selection of our products in digital format (.pdf, .psd, or .jpg) that are available for your download and use. To view a full selection of our digital product offerings, please visit the ALA Store.  Please read our digital content license agreement before purchasing a digital product.

ALA may grant permission to reprint and/or use product images for set décor for products which are wholly designed and/or owned by ALA. In general, the ALA cannot grant permission to reprint any product images or illustrations which contain celebrity photos, book illustrations, or licensed characters, as we are not the owners of such material. Additionally, we cannot grant permission to use these product images as set décor for movies or TV shows.

Due to contract stipulations and celebrity image copyrights, Celebrity READ posters that have gone out of print cannot be reprinted, reproduced, or copied. 


Where can I find the art for the international library symbol?

The international library symbol is a free symbol in the public domain. The ALA does not hold a copyright on the logo, and its use is encouraged. The pantone color for the blue background is PMS 285. For more information and downloadable images, please consult ALA Library Fact Sheet 30.


Where can I find information about the ALA Book Awards or lists of the historical winners?

See the ALA Book, Print and Media Awards page.


Where can I obtain information about the ALA Editions Approval Plan and view the latest bulletin?

This page contains information about the ALA Approval Plan.


Where can I learn more about writing for ALA Editions?

Learn if ALA Editions might be the right publisher for your proposed book.


I’m a new ALA Editions author; where can I find tips on preparing my manuscript?

See Guidelines for Authors.


How do I request a professional review copy of an ALA Editions title?

Complimentary review copies are available for journals, newsletters, or other media. All review copy requests are subject to consideration and ALA Editions requests two tear sheets of any published review.
Request a professional review copy.
Please note that review copies cannot be sent to residences or PO Boxes.


How do I request an instructor’s desk copy of an ALA Editions title?

Complimentary desk copies are available for instructors who adopt an ALA Editions title for course use.
Request an instructor’s desk copy.
Please note that desk copies cannot be sent to residences or PO Boxes.


Where do I send published review(s)?

Please send published review(s) to:
Rob Christopher, Marketing Coordinator
ALA Editions
50 East Huron St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2795
Or by email:


How can I get my name added to your mailing lists?

You can request to be added to ALA Editions catalog mailing list by filling out this form. Please note that we only ship catalogs within the US. If you live outside the US, you can view our current catalog online here. To start receiving email communications from ALA Editions, please fill out this form.


What licenses are in place for ALA eBooks?

Most eBooks purchased through the ALA Store are intended for single-user use; however, customers should check the item’s product description for exact licensing terms. If you are interested in adding an ALA eBook to your institution’s circulating collection, check to see it if is available through your current eBook vendor(s). ALA distributes many of its eBooks through the major eBook vendors. If you have additional questions, please email us at Please note that ALA cannot provide individual guidance to institutions interested in planning or implementing eBook initiatives.  


I have a question related to one of your digital products.

If your question is regarding the READ® Design Studio products, please see our READ® Design Studio information page.

For licensing and usage information, please read the License Overview.


What’s the difference between the READ CDs and the READ DVD?

These products belong to the READ Design Studio, which allows you to create customized READ® posters. The READ DVD contains so many great art files that it required a DVD to conveniently fit all 55 files on one disc. The art files from all of the READ Design Studio products are compatible as long as you have a DVD/CD-ROM drive, which means you can mix and match files to create a nearly infinite amount of READ posters and projects! For more information, visit the READ Design Studio Info Page.


Can you provide a sole source letter?

Yes! ALA Graphics products are only available in the United States from the ALA Store ( View our current sole source letter here.


Who chooses the books that celebrities hold in READ posters?

A celebrity who signs on for the READ campaign can choose to hold any book of his or her choice, with the exception of self-authored titles. Celebrity READ posters promote the pleasure and importance of reading for children, teens, and adults. Some hold a classic, others a childhood favorite or something that has inspired them in their life. To see a list of celebrities and the book titles they chose, click here.


Who are the celebrities that have participated in the Celebrity READ Poster campaign, and how do I suggest a new one?

For the complete list of the many celebrities who have donated their time and image to the READ Poster campaign, please click here. To submit your suggestion for a celebrity you would like to appear on a READ poster, please email


I have a wonderful assortment of ALA Graphics posters; what’s the best way to frame them?

You can purchase ready-made frames for many of the ALA Graphics poster sizes at stores like Michael's, Wal-Mart, or Kmart. Pearl Fine Art Supplies is a possible resource for do-it-yourself types as they have frame kits, which accommodate nearly every size poster. Other companies, like Frames by Mail or Frames-Direct, sell customizable frames sent through the mail.

The majority of ALA Graphics posters are sized as follows:

  • 11" x 17" (Mini posters)
  • 12" x 18" (Timeless Treasures series)
  • 18" x 24" (History Lives, Celebrate/Diversity, Teen Read Week, Teen Tech Week)
  • 22" x 28" (Children/YA "characters")
  • 22" x 34" (Celebrity READ)

Be advised that there are some anomalies in poster size (13" x 38", 11" x 14", etc.) that occur primarily for creative reasons.


Can we make our own READ® Posters?

ALA Graphics' READ® Design Studio is available to help you create your own READ Posters and includes the Licensing Agreement to do so. ALA holds the trademark to the READ® image and otherwise does not give permission for its use. For further information, please see our READ® Design Studio information page. Additional questions may be directed to


How can I get my name added to your mailing lists?

You can request to be added to ALA Graphics catalog mailing list by filling out this form. Please note that we only ship catalogs within the US. If you live outside the US, you can view our current catalog online here. To start receiving email communications from ALA Graphics, please fill out this form.


Can I order using a purchase order?

Purchase orders are accepted by ALA via mail, email, or fax. Organizational accounts in good standing are allowed to pay with a purchase order. All orders from individuals need to be prepaid.


What is the Wish List?

Not ready to place an order, but wish to hold onto a list of items you’d like to consider for the future? Create a Wish List that you can reference any time, add to, or send to a colleague. First, create or sign into your user account at the ALA Store. As you browse online and wish to add any product to a Wish List, simply click on the red Add to Wish List button directly beneath Add to cart, on the right side of any product listing. To view your list anytime, click on Wish List directly beneath My Account at the top of the ALA Store (above the red navigation bar).  Once in My ALA Store Account, you can always click Access My Wish List. You can e-mail this list to a friend, colleague, or supervisor to see what you’ve been checking out.  Or, if you’ve made your selections and are about to checkout, but wish to hold an item for later, just click Move to Wish List, and you’ll have a handy list of saved items any time you sign into your account. To view these instructions in more detail, visit our Wish List page.


What are the future plans for RDA?

In all cases, the Co-Publishers plan to offer some type of electronic distribution option, currently defined as a formatted PDF that can be downloaded, printed, and integrated into the loose-leaf version already purchased. The cost of this PDF will be determined based on the size and scope of the update, from free for a minor update to a fee for larger updates. The cost for electronic distribution would always be marginally lower than the cost of purchasing a physical package of printed and drilled pages from the Co-Publishers.

In addition to the electronic option, if the size and scope of the update is large enough, the Co-Publishers will also offer the physical package of printed and drilled pages for purchase. We would offer these larger updates in a printed form for users who don't have access to the proper equipment to print and integrate the updates into the printed text (i.e., printing the PDFs two-sided and punching the pages). For these users, buying the physical package from the publisher can be less expensive and certainly more convenient.


What platform do you use to run your workshops?

We use Cisco WebEx for all of our workshops. WebEx is an interactive online platform that allows attendees and instructors to interact and share through chat, voice, and a wide variety of interactive media.


Can I test WebEx prior to the workshop to ensure that it works on my computer?

Of course! You can test WebEx using this link: http:/ Once this page loads, there will be an area for you to enter in your name and email address. After entering in this information, please select the “Join” button. You may need to download and install a browser plugin. Once you follow the steps, WebEx should automatically launch.

If you are unable to join or having difficulty running the test, please contact WebEx Support at 866.229.3239 or visit for helpful support information.


What kind of technical capabilities do I need to view workshops?

All you need is a good internet connection, a computer, and speakers or a telephone. Please note that if you are calling in, the phone number is a toll number.


Will an archive of the workshop I attend be available? What if I can’t attend the live date, will I still be able to view the archive?

Our workshops are live events, but all attendees are given access to an archive of the event for a period of 3 months from the date of the live session.  The archive can be viewed at any time during this 3-month timeframe. The archive contains a video representation of the event, which includes all chat, audio and visual material. The biggest difference between the archive and the live event is that when participating in the live event, you can interact with the presenters and other attendees. All registrants will receive a notification from with a link to the archive within 24 hours of the live event. If you have registered for a workshop and have not received this link, please contact us at


Can I share the archive of the workshop with my colleagues?

Workshops are licensed for single site use on a single computer. If you purchase the individual rate of the workshop, then you only have licensing for one individual and cannot share the archive. If you have purchase the group rate of the workshop, then you have licensing to view and share the workshop with colleagues at your organization. We offer group rates for 3 or more users to view in one physical location.


I saw an event on the store, but it’s no longer available. Can I access the archive?

You can purchase an archive by contacting us directly at However, we often repeat our workshops, so if you’d rather attend live, you can receive updates by signing up to receive promotional emails.


I purchased this workshop, but have not received the link from WebEx with the login information. How can I obtain this information?

While completing your purchase, you’ll be asked to fill in the name and e-mail address of the person attending this event. Once you complete your purchase, the attendee will receive an e-mail from Webex confirming registration. This e-mail includes the login information for the event, including the weblink for signing in to the event, so please keep it in a safe place. If for some reason you have not received this notification, please call 866-746-7252, Monday–Friday, 8:00am–6:00pm Eastern to register; or email


Do you offer bulk rates on workshops?

We do! We offer discounts on bulk rate purchases on workshop when spending over $1,000 and purchasing quantities greater than two. If you are planning on purchasing a workshop for several individuals or institutions, please contact or call 866-746-7252 to place your order and receive your bulk rate discount. 


The workshop is starting or is live, and I am having technical problems. Who can I contact?

If you think your problem is that you did not properly register for the event, please call us at 866-746-7252 or email us at If you are having trouble running the WebEx software, please contact WebEx Support at 866-229-3239 or visit


What platform do you use to run your eCourses?

We use Moodle for all of our eCourses.


Do you offer credit, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or Library Education Units (LEUs) for your eCourses?

We do not award credit for our eCourses. We do provide a certificate verifying the number of estimated hours for the eCourse that you participate in. If you’re seeking CEUs, LEUs, or credit to fulfill a continuing education requirement, we recommend contacting your institution to determine whether they will accept our eCourse towards your requirement.


How can I receive a certificate of completion?

Please email to request a certification of completion. Please be sure to include the eCourse that you participated in and your order number.


This eCourse is no longer available online. Will it be offered again in the future? When?

If you do not see the eCourse available online, it means that we currently do not have another iteration of the eCourse scheduled at this time. However, we often re-run our eCourses and will be offering the eCourse again in the future. To be notified when the eCourse that you’re interested in becomes available, please fill out this form. By completing this form, you will receive an email notification when this eCourse becomes available.


I have not received a confirmation e-mail for my account on the Moodle eCourse page ( How can I get my account confirmed?

A notification is automatically sent out once you create an account on the eCourse site. It is possible that this email was accidentally sent to your spam folder or your server blocked this confirmation message. If you have not received your confirmation email within an hour of creating your account, please contact, and we will confirm your account.


The enrollment key that I have isn’t working. Do I have the right enrollment key?

We often re-run our eCourses, and it is likely that you are trying to enter your enrollment key in an earlier iteration of the eCourse. Please ensure that you’re entering the enrollment key for the current iteration from The title of the eCourse on the Moodle website will include the month and year. If you are still having difficulty enrolling into the course, please contact

Can I cancel my registration from online workshops and eCourses?

You may cancel your registration at any time. To receive a full refund for your purchase, you must cancel your registration at least 72 hours before an eCourse start date and at least 24 hours before an online workshop. We are unable to process refunds for eCourses or workshops after this time.


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